Waste Container

Wastes such as chemical, hazardous, medical and household waste constitute a serious threat to the environment and human health. The growth of the industry and the use of chemicals and medicinal products used in production have increased dramatically. It is quite dangerous to keep the coming waste after the use of these products in every area. A lot of waste, especially flammable and explosive, is also an economic threat in your business environment. It provides serious health and economic damages to the area of a possible fire. Within the framework of our laws, post-production wastes must be kept in safe container storage areas. July 5th, 2008 View document published in the official gazette, Turkey Prime Ministry circular of waste materials regulations.

Waste Containers are manufactured by Yuvam Container for many product types. All the features you are looking at Turkey as the biggest waste container manufacturer and we are producing our technology we developed our company special. Hazardous waste container with full protection system developed for flammable, explosive wastes containing dangerous substances. Chemical waste container with automatic fire extinguishing and protection system. Medical waste container with cold room, leak proof floor where medical wastes that can seriously threaten human health will be stored. Domestic waste container with waste pool, waste pool for domestic waste storage. A battery-specific battery battery container for energy storage devices that contain enough corrosive and toxic metals to be housed between normal waste such as batteries and batteries. Or for many years, such as packaging, waste oil, gas cylinders, safe storage of products in the fields of special products for the manufacture of container products have been proven for years.

You can contact us to buy Yuvam waste container products which are preferred by many companies such as Turkcell, Aksa Power Generation, ABB Chemistry, Bezmiâlem Hospital and Enerjisa. Let us produce in accordance with your technical specifications and legal specifications.