Shipping Containers

There are many types of cargo containers used in international and intercity transportation. Although they are produced in different sizes, there are containers produced as standard. The outer surface of the containers is made of steel and quality products are used. The frame of the containers, which are being produced according to European standards, are made of steel. The main reason for this situation is that the steel is more resistant to shocks, impacts and external influences. In addition, containers made of steel are more robust. The cargo container, which allows the transportation of goods from one place to another without dispersion and without impact, is generally preferred for air transportation, ship transportation and railway transportation. While each of them has structures that can carry a load close to the average hundred tons, there may be some differences depending on the type of load to be carried.

For the transport of frozen foods and foods, a special cooling system as well as open top containers are preferred. However, normal containers are preferred for solid materials which are not likely to deteriorate. The materials of the skeleton surrounding the containers which are produced as steel can be of different kinds. It can also be done from plywood. The cost of the containers made of steel with skeleton is cheap. At the same time, it is of great importance that the materials are made light with.


The fact that the weight is higher in freight transportation is one of the most important factors increasing the transportation cost. Therefore, light weight has many advantages. With these containers, it will be possible to carry all kinds of cargoes with the air conditioner containers as well as the possible transport of the foods that are likely to be damaged. Container productions are usually made in a different way, as is the standard type. It is possible to use freight containers in accordance with special requirements. In this way, the shipping containers to be produced according to the requirements are adapted to the material to be transported and made more useful.

In addition, the outer paints of the cargo containers are also customizable. The outer paints of the cargo containers to be produced in any color, color can be used in light colors or dark colors. Due to the fact that there is no restriction on this, it is much more advantageous to use light colors because the dark colors are hard to see at night. During the production of containers, a number of differences and changes can be made as desired. Thus, it will be possible to change the color, model or design and make some changes.

Containers which are frequently used in transportation and are of different models are customized according to the wishes of everyone. Different models can be created in different models, such as the creation of differences in design. This type of container can be ordered on request. In addition, depending on the material to be transported in containers must have extra elements. The most important of these is the presence of cooling system. The refrigerant is the biggest advantage when transporting the products that are likely to be damaged. In this way, it will be possible to carry out the transportation of the materials to be transported without any problem. Depending on the quality and the material to be transported, the containers produced can be produced exclusively and it is also possible to use containers that comply with the standards. You can use the most suitable container according to your requests. It must be in line with international standards with different models. Thus, transportation will be possible without any criminal procedure problems.

For international or intercity journeys, the freight container that is used for carrying cargo is the most suitable for transporting almost anything. Thus, dry food, cold storage should be stopped in the store with the help of food containers in a short period of time is transferred from one place to another. Furthermore, it would be more appropriate to make this transportation through containers, whether international or international. In this regard, it is necessary to choose a container according to the material to be transported. Different types of containers are available.

  • One of the preferred types of containers is the 10 FT storage container. Its robust geometric structure is very humid against collapse and other adversities. This type of container represents a more durable and smaller structure than others. Although it is small compared to other containers, it is ideal for transporting more valuable and materially high products. It is also possible to choose a 20 FT load container. Models in this structure are also larger than 10 FT. There are also open top containers used in railway transportation. These things are easier and more practical.
  • There are also 40 FT Open Top types with 20 FT Open Top models. It is preferable and can be adjusted and preferred. Containers of this type are useful, but also provide significant advantages in terms of loading and unloading. Therefore, it is very useful for everyone to prefer these freight containers with many advantages and extras. It is useful to say that with the presence of different types, some elements can be added optionally. The color can be customized as desired, but also a number of features can be personalized.
  • Both the side and the open top container model are known as Flat Rack containers. There are 20 FT Flat Rack models which are frequently seen in railway transportation. The type of model known as a click on it is known as 40 FT Flat Rack. Not only in the rail system but also in trucks and trucks it will be possible to see this model. It is useful to say that the products that do not fit into the container are moved into this model. It is also important to have temperature control when transporting some products. Specially formed containers are therefore required for these situations. At this point the 20 FT Reefer container model is emerging.
  • In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, it is also preferred in many areas such as meat and dairy products. The 40 FT Reefer, known as a top model, is a few clicks larger. This model is made of extremely durable materials and is very sheltered and has been found to be robust. It is useful to say that it can be used and preferred without problems. It is possible to indicate that the internal dimensions and weights may vary from person to person. Thus, some differences are created according to the requirements and the most appropriate production is carried out. If the weight-related situations are reduced to a minimum, the transportation cost will be reduced to an even more appropriate level. Thus, the lighter the load container, the more advantageous it will be. If you want to take advantage of these advantages, you can make a choice according to your wishes. Freight containers are available in different models and varieties. Among these varieties, it is possible to determine the most suitable material according to the material to be transported. For the products which are likely to be damaged, the type of container that should be preferred for the solid and dry foods should be different than the cooling system.
  • 40 FT High Cube containers, which are one of the most reliable and popular container types in transportation sector, are very different in appearance but have very similar sides compared to others. In order for these structures to be preferred, the transporting means must be strong. Therefore, it is possible to carry more loads and it is possible to perform this at a single time. It is also possible to do this with the 45 FT High Cube. Advantageously, it is possible to indicate that it is most suitable for transportation, so it would be ideal to transport containers without problems. In addition, there is a container type suitable for carrying all kinds of cargo material. This is known as 40 FT Hard Top. It is used in maritime transport, land transportation and also rail system. Thus, these structures, which are known as better quality and different types, are of good quality. Freight containers are very important and advantageous for transporting from one place to another in a short time. It is possible to choose between different types of containers and varieties. However, this should be determined according to the product to be transported. In this way, it will be possible to make a more convenient and ideal choice and to make the most suitable transportation according to this choice.