Used Containers

Yuvam Container is manufacturing freight container as well as selling used containers. Since the used containers are always available in stock, you can buy and use them immediately. We buy and sell the used containers before we sell faults, and then sell them for sale.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to purchase used cargo container. You can specify a product you want to purchase and stock according to the stock status or you can choose one of the stock products in stock. Turkey and the advantages that we offer you the very affordable shipping to anywhere in the world thanks to our sales.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with the following contact information to buy the used shipping container;

Whatsapp: +90 545 929 02 21


After being manufactured as new, the shipping containers are manufactured to be robust for years of use. Although it is used under difficult conditions, the average life span varies between 20 and 40 years. Fabricated using an average of 2.5 tons of steel allows you to use them for many years. Used containers available at our disposal to bring to Turkey from all over the world to Turkey and we have been marketing all over the country. Our new containers and used shipping containers in every port of our country are always present in our existing warehouses. We also offer used and new container rental service with new container sale. Since we use the used cargo container for more than 10 years, we do all kinds of maintenance on the condition that we change the paint and rusted places to clean the inside and the outside.


Used cargo containers are always selected from products that are suitable for use. Loads of 30 tons can be loaded into 20 and 40 load containers. According to the stacking system, the cargo containers shipped on board are transported on top of each other. In other words, they are manufactured with a capacity of 210 Tons and more to carry a load of 30 Tons and 180 Tons. Load containers, which can be used for an average of 20 to 40 years, give you the opportunity to be used for many years with such a solid chassis. Therefore, do not hesitate to use it many times over and over again. However, they may receive minor damage during loading and transportation of the containers even if they are small. But these minor damages do not prevent their use. The most important points you should pay attention to are the fact that there are no tears on the walls and ceilings, as well as the smooth operation of the door, that is, closing and locking. You can use them smoothly if they are suitable for use.

The general conditions of the Used shipping containers that you will buy from Yuvam Container are as follows.

  • The doors are working properly. They have no hindrance to their operation. It closes and opens properly.
  • There are no ripped walls.
  • Small holes can be found on the walls, but they do not interfere with use. (Products that may interfere with use are withdrawn from the market and disposed of for recycling).
  • We only sell products that are suitable for use in accordance with ISO rules. Unsuitable products are not destroyed because they are already destroyed.
  • The floor is intact, but since the flooring is wooden, its color may change over the years and the floor paints may have been removed.
  • There may be small spills on wall paints.
  • You can find mixed colors in the wall colors, because the local paint renewal is done to prevent rusting.
  • The company may use the logos and advertisements of the company that used it before. (These logos are available with others having used a product before.
  • Since cargo container shipments are mostly made with ships, we keep 95% of our products in port warehouses. As the port warehouses are managed within the framework of customs rules, our products are stacked on top of each other in these warehouses, and when you place your order, our top product is shipped directly to you.
  • When you buy a freight container, the shipment is always at the customer's disposal.
  • ISO overseas certificated freight container products can be used to transport goods all over the world. But it is forbidden to use it for more than 6 months in a single country. They must definitely leave the country every 6 months.
  • Indigenous certified cargo containers should take only those customers who want to use cargo containers consistently in Turkey is our model.
  • If you have a container with an overseas certificate, we are making the nationalization certificate legal procedures for you.

Our second hand cargo containers can be transported by all vehicles such as ships, airplanes, trains and trucks. We have a wide range of used container containers such as open container, open top container, refrigerated food transport product such as reefer container, chemical material, liquid food container, container container, standard container, high cube. As Yuvam Container, we import and sell all kinds of cargo containers. 20 DC, 40 DC, 40 HC (High Cube), 40 OT Reefer etc. We have warehouses in many ports in our country. We also perform second hand cargo exchange purchase and revision modifications and leasing. We are selling and renting second hand cargo containers to the desired country and domestic, no matter where in the world. We also purchase second hand cargo containers from the market for agents and shipowners over 10 years. In addition, we are able to repair the problems of freight containers with problems by our expert team in our factory and offer them to be used again. In other words, we are selling and renting second hand cargo containers that are suitable for all specifications and usage.

In Turkey, all ISO standards with the pride of being the rare company that makes new container of appropriate indigenous manufacturing we are manufacturing.