Container Repair And Maintenance

Load containers are products with a life cycle of 20 to 40 years after zero production. According to the conditions of use, the service life may vary depending on the floor and weather conditions. Freight containers which are used without any neglect in proper conditions and maintenance can be used easily for years.

Shipping containers are carrying goods to Turkey and a lot of the world. When the cargo containers are manufactured, they are produced from the materials which are very strong enough to be loaded on 30 tons and on the 180 tons load. It is the most important factor that protects the chassis of load containers, which are under a lot of load and which are based on heavy moving conditions. Continuous impacts during transport and loading, as well as weather conditions in different countries and abrasive salt water in the sea due to a permanent deformation remains. The other two problems encountered in the cargo containers are the aging of the door seals and the decay of the floor covering, which is caused by the water seals inside the seals. The door seals of the cargo containers are made of a special rubber but the average life of these seals is 2 years. For this reason, door seals should be replaced every 2 years without interrupting this period.

In my home since 2007. We provide container freight container repair services all over Turkey. Our expert team and container spare parts supply with our defective container where you come up to your address and all the failures are doing on the spot. In cases where the fault is only large, your product is transported to our factory and it is best repaired and renovated and delivered to you.

If you would like to receive repair service for all types of containers, please contact us at the following contact information;

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Shipping containers produced with ISO certificate are produced under the same conditions all over the world. For this reason, when parts are replaced when the fault occurs, all parts are compatible. In addition, during transportation of cargo containers, such as wall perforation, wall rupture, as well as in the frame of the frame against the drop and the door frames are.

  • Shipping container wall plate replacement
  • Repairing shipping container wall sheet hole
  • Shipping Container Door Repair
  • Shipping container door seals replacement
  • Shipping container roofing sheet change
  • Shipping container door change
  • Repair and replacement of shipping container door joints
  • Shipping container door lock change
  • Repair of shipping container decking
  • Shipping container decking replacement
  • Shipping container decking painting
  • Shipping container wall painting
  • Shipping container modified