Yuvam Containers, a leading manufacturer of containers and prefabricated products in Turkey. Our accumulated experience since 2007 and the production of hundreds of containers every year Slot affordable and portable container cabins are spread all over Turkey. In the production of our modular containers, we have developed a new, uninterrupted demountable technology that uses bolts and nuts to assemble the different parts of the container structure. Our containers are specially designed to provide maximum comfort, handling and long life. Yuvam Container solutions will fulfill your needs perfectly, regardless of the purpose of the workers' housing, mining camp accommodation, construction site offices, schools, clinics or toilets.

Containers are our preferred products because they are low cost and fast production. High quality galvanized structural steel is used in the construction of our containers manufactured by Kaynaksız Building Technology. Galvanizing in containers is important and necessary to prevent corrosion of the steel. Therefore, our galvanized containers do not have any problem of rusting. Furthermore, the containers are resistant to all weather conditions and make them suitable for long term use. The sources made at the joints we see in the application of many companies cause corrosion in the containers.

The reasons for choosing the containers we produce for our customers; earthquake resistant, fast production, high quality, easy to ship, long-lasting, economic and rusting risk is not. We share our differences and superior aspects with our professional and final consumers and we continue our container production and quality services with our superior production technologies without slowing down.