Yuvam Prefabrik manufactures prefabricated houses, offices, construction sites, social facility buildings, schools for you with many models and options in modular building production. Our prefabricated homes are spread over Turkey and housing, social housing, tourism villages, chalets, villas, cottage, bungalow and is used as housing. Yuvam Prefabrik offers many prefabricated single, double storey and villa type houses to its valued customers.

Our experts evaluated all the details for you. Your prefabricated house comes with all electrical installations, plumbing, bathroom and wc materials, paint, doors and windows. The main advantages of prefabricated houses are; special manufacturing, modern structures and designs, long life, high quality materials, high energy efficiency and cost effective.


Each of our wide range of prefabricated house plans can be customized to suit your taste and lifestyle. Our expert engineers will help you design and build the custom modular house plan of your dreams. Yuvam prefabricated houses have the latest technology, quality components and economical prices. Our prefabricated houses vary according to the style, size and options suitable for every taste and budget. Yuvam modular houses are built in a controlled factory environment under strict quality control and then moved to the permanent ground by our professional teams on permanent bases.

Order your dream house today and take advantage of prefabricated houses.


 Our duplex prefabricated houses have an eye-catching design that reflects modern lines and offers comfort with spacious interiors. Yuvam prefabricated two-storey modular houses offer a wide range of plans and designs to suit the tastes and lifestyles of different customers. Modular houses designed in the factory offer reliable, fast and economical solutions that respond to different climatic conditions. Our sustainable prefabricated modular homes and villas are preferred around the world as urban houses, inner city, beach houses and rural houses.

Yuvam Prefabricated villas combine stylish contemporary architecture, spacious interiors and economic prices.


We manufacture prefabricated workers' buildings that offer special comfortable offices and recreation areas for construction sites where there are difficult working conditions. Each building has a high security structure and is distinguished in a short time with unique features such as rapid production, ready-to-use quick installation and economical prices.

Our prefabricated construction site solutions manufactured in accordance with international standards; management and technical offices, dormitories, dining halls, kitchen, laboratory, laundry, recreation area, infirmary and medical units, places of worship, canteen and cafes, toilet and shower. units. Our teams of experts carries out projects in Turkey and world countries.


Long-lasting modular prefabricated office buildings benefit from fast production and installation and economical price advantages. The extraordinary aesthetic design of our portable office buildings has been carefully prepared to provide ergonomic and comfortable spaces.

Our products include business buildings, sales showrooms, public and municipal buildings, management centers, representative offices and many other building models.


Our prefabricated social facilities are aesthetic designs, fast assemblies, long life building models and economical prices and solutions for different needs such as restaurants and sports facilities. You will find refreshing areas that offer comfort in the social building with our dismantled buildings designed in a classic and modern style.

Our modular buildings are delivered with a ready-to-use installation, leisure facilities, tourism and sports complex structures, conference and meeting rooms, cafes and canteens, places of worship, WCs and shower units.


In addition to ergonomic space design and hygiene structures, prefabricated modular hospitals are manufactured with high building safety considering the intensive use. Our modular structures offer an important alternative to traditional constructions thanks to the high-tech high-speed production system, quick assembly and economical price advantages.

Our health buildings are produced in accordance with international standards and can have departments such as management offices, laboratories, doctors and patient rooms, polyclinics, operating rooms, WC and shower units.


Yuvam Prefabrik is one of the biggest brands providing prefabricated schools to public institutions and education ministries. Yuvam offers reliable training prefabricated solutions including Prefabricated, Primary School, High School, Colleges, Universities, Private schools, public schools, modern classes and other complexes and school buildings. We produce safe prefabricated school and classroom projects with high insulation, ergonomic design and modular portable structure.

You can contact our experienced sales representative to get information about our prefabricated school models and our economic prices.

The advantages of Yuvam Prefabricated schools:
  • Easy loading and on-time delivery
  • Custom Classroom Designs
  • High-tech production with quality control system
  • More efficient use of resources 

Yuvam Prefabrik can also create special school projects depending on your requirements, please send us your plans and specification documents.