Demountable Container

Yuvam Container, Turkey is one of the leading quality demountable container manufacturing company. With its strong production infrastructure and quality, it will be your first choice for your container needs.

240x600 cm (2,4x6m - 20 ft) Demountable Container

Yuvam Demountable Container with an easy installation of 240 × 600 cm and 14.4 m2 area with 5 cm sandwich panel wall that you can carry anywhere in the world. Turkey wings all over the world and easily, you can install in 30 minutes. 8 pieces of Yuvam Demountable Containers can fit in 1 truck.

Demountable containers provide you with great convenience during transportation thanks to its special packaging system. Standard containers are difficult and costly to transport, especially in transport and cargo transportation. Because you can fit a maximum of 2 240 × 600 cm standard containers on a truck. However, 8 containers can be transported in open or closed truck boxes as demountable containers. In addition, 8 240 × 600 cm load containers can be carried in 40 ft High Cube load containers. In this way, you can transport Yuvam Demountable containers to any place in the world without getting stuck by legal transportation problems.

300x700 cm (3x7m 23 ft) Demountable Container

Demountable container 3x7 meters in size only in the world are manufactured in Turkey. 240x600 cm demountable offers a complete real use compared to the container. It does not get stuck like the other and you can work or stay in it. In 300x700 cm demountable containers, 2 large work desks (3 work desks optionally) fit inside, and there is even a large area in front of the work table that you can not accommodate your guests. In addition, you can easily fit your paper cabinets in 3x7m demountable containers at the edges. In short, 3x7m Yuvam Demountable Container is the most ideal demountable container in terms of usability. However, a 3x7m wide container does not comply with international road, rail and sea transportation standards. Yuvam Container has disassembled 3x7m containers for you, so you can carry 8 containers with 1 truck all over the world with 45 ft High Cube load container. In open box trucks, you can easily carry 8 3x7m Yuvam Demountable containers in Low-Bed truck cases with chassis extension feature.

The biggest feature of Yuvam Demountable containers that distinguish it from its competitors is its quality and that it can be installed with a team of 2 people in 30 minutes. In fact, it can be installed and made ready by 20 minutes by master persons. Yuvam Demountable containers allow to form large living buildings by stacking up to 3 stories high thanks to their solid material structure.


    • All walls are made in Turkey, high quality sandwich panel.
    • The thickness of the wall panels is 5 cm (2 inches).
    • Floor panels are made of Turkish Made A quality 14 mm thick cemented board. It is resistant to burning.
    • Above the ground, it is made of European Made A quality mineral coating. It is resistant to scratching and tearing.
    • The floor is manufactured as a fully assembled piece.
    • Floor, ceiling and corner post sheet are made of 2 mm thick special bend sheet.
    • The ceiling is covered with trapeze sheet that is resistant to rust for years.
    • The ceiling is covered with PVC lamp.
    • Attic heat insulation is provided by rock wool.
    • The ceiling installation comes in a concealed form.
    • Corner poles are special twist screw system poles. You can easily remove and install it.
    • You can build 3-storey buildings from our Yuvam Demounted Containers with 2 support poles in the front and 1 in the back, except for the corner poles.
    • All electrical cables are even concealed.
    • Lighting, socket, fuse box materials are made in Turkish, in a container package disassembled from quality products.
    • It has 2 PVC PVC windows in the front. We can add more windows according to your request or we can place windows in different places from their standard locations.
    • The outer door consists of a standard size oven-painted sheet metal door. We manufacture the door position at the desired point.
    • With the lifting lugs on the chassis, you can easily install your disassembled container during installation and you can move it to different places with the help of a crane after installation.

    Thanks to its robustness, we manufacture demounted containers of Yuvam Container quality that you can use for years.